James Vincent McMorrow

Sometimes you hear a voice and it just gets stuck with you. There’s something about the tone, the vocalist’s pitch or even their presentation. Something about it just sticks. James Vincent McMorrow has one of those voices.

Letting the spotlight affix itself to McMorrow’s glorious tone and lyrics, “Cavalier” welcomes you in, gracefully floating over softly played keys. The first taste lasts for quite some time, building up in a manner that’s painfully exquisite. It’s not until two and half minutes in that we’re hit with an instrumental wave, bringing what was a soft and inviting folk tune into something larger than life. With cinematic cymbal crashes charging alongside of repeating lyrics, we find ourselves nodding and saying, “hell yes.”

Immediately following that “hell yes,” we belted out a “damn it,” when we remembered that the rest of his album, Post Tropical, isn’t out till January. Patience is a virtue, right?

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