Lonely Child

As we wind down the week before Christmas, we’re all looking for a way to escape the madness. The holidays have seemingly become a whirlwind of mass consumerism, driving each of us to kill ourselves trying to find the perfect gift, or squeeze in time for those we may have not have spent that much time with over the course of the year. In the hectic nature of the season, it’s a real treat to kick back and listen to the message that Lonely Child is sending our way.

This one man recording act has a delightfully orchestrated tune in “Tuesday,” which urges to fall back on the ones we love in times of stress. The soothing messages are coupled with his reassuring tone, wavering in and out of clicking percussions, enticing guitar riffs and haunting synths.

This track is the second in his five track EP, which is being distributed in an interesting way. Check out what Bryan Ray (Lonely Child) had to say about it:

The Monday EP is a 5 song EP that you have just subscribed to. Your subscription gets you each album track and its instrumental version two weeks before the public release date. The coolest part is that you get to hear the album as I make it, knowing that while you wait for the next track, I’m working tirelessly to write and produce the best music I can to make I’m proud of and that you’re a part of.
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