Premiere: Singularis
Ride Ft. Sndwvs (Werk Space)

Singularis and Sndwvs (pronounced “Soundwaves”) recently took to Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam to crank out this trunk rattler for their “Werk Space” series. This pair of Dutch producers worked for two days on Ride, and the results for just a 48 hours turnaround are incredible. The track really does ride out in style, latching on to a futuristic, hip-hop influence that permeates all through labels like Soulection, which Singularis is actually a part of. If you missed his White Label EP with Soulection, be sure to study up.

At just 19, Singularis showcases the soul of a much more experienced producer, and it’s no surprise considering he’s been involved with music since learning piano at 5. He’s demonstrated a masterful approach to the rawest form of the groove, and this most recent track is a prime testament to that. Ride is an essential addition to a cruising playlist for those long night drives while you soak up the city lights fluttering past your window. It’s an easy and enjoyable listen, so kick your seat back, drive slow and enjoy!


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