Abu Ashley
Nado Heights (Original Mix)

Just over a month ago we were shown somewhat of a new style called ‘Habibi House’. Abu Ashley combines minimal house techniques with a tribal taste, and a bit of an eastern flavor. We have always been a fan of tribal house, and we like stuff that really stands out against others. With minimal house, standing out isn’t this easiest thing to do, but this up-and-coming New Yorker had no problem. In our last post, we stated our hopes of this style creating a bit of a trend for Abu Ashley to continue, and our wishes were granted with “Nado Heights”!

This serene tune, “Nado Heights”, tells a bit of a story. Unfortunately this story is in a foreign language that we’re trying to translate. What we do gather though, is this tale is a peaceful one. “Nado Heights” has a very calming background frequency, that may just activate your pineal gland. If that were to happen, the strings and piano will take you on a spiritual journey, and the tom rolls will keep things moving. ┬áIt’s only been slightly over a month, since Abu Ashley first put us on to his incredible style, and we’ve heard he will be back soon! So stay tuned for more spiritual house tunes like “Nado Heights”.

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