Lupe Fiasco is back, and this time his “Words” take a more political turn. In the song, Lupe flawlessly delivers his lines, and although his tracks have always been filled with meaning, “Words” touches closer to home for many people around the world. Parting from the generic hip-hop beat, Lupe lays down his tightly knit rhymes over a Glitch Mob styled electronic beat. The deep base kicks add an extra punch to his lyrics. The chorus however, is not as praise-worthy. Though it provides a catchy hook for the song, the singing is nothing new or unique, and Skylar Grey’s voice sounds overly filtered. Skylar’s choice of lyrics give the vibe of a nostalgic, regretful love song,rather than reflecting the political incentive fueling Lupe. The chorus does not add or detract from the song, and thus makes “Words” an enjoyable listen and a clear example of Lupe’s lyrical prowess.

Lupe Fiasco – Words (Ft. Skylar Grey)

’Lupe Fiasco – Words (Ft. Skylar Grey)’

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