The strangely awesome and creative Danny Brown has on many occasion stepped out of the realm of hip-hop in collaborations demonstrating his keen ear for music and impressive knowledge of a wide range of genres. On “The Black Brad Pitt,” the Detroit rapper brings his absurdly high energy to a collaboration with UK breakbeat and experimental duo, Evil Nine. The track opens with a heavy, minimal beat as Brown enters with his original and often hilarious style and progresses with a hypnotizing melody paving way for a goofy chorus slightly reminiscent of many a Lil B song. As the production picks up, Brown spits some graphic bars of creative ridiculousness. Around the 2:15 mark, Evil Nine take over sampling Brown’s chorus vocals and breaking things down with some drum ‘n bass-type percussion, while continuing the eerie melody and layering the instrumental with new sounds and chopped up samples. Eventually, you’ll find it difficult to not get lost in the music, but just as it seems to be fading, they bring the volumes back up recapturing the listener’s attention. “The Black Brad Pitt” is yet another successful musical experiment fusing rap with electronic sounds and will keep you intrigued from start to finish.

You can stream this unique cut below and it will be available for purchase, along with a remix from Gesaffelstein, on August 20th via Bromance Records.

’Evil Nine – Black Brad Pitt (ft. Danny Brown)’
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