Jez Dior

Two things come with each Jez Dior release. The first is a post from a ninja that doesn’t listen to a ton of hip hop. Sure, I’ve had my moments of hip hop patronage in the past. I can recite every line of Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers (and did at Coachella). I dig the incredible story telling abilities of Slick Rick. I’ve pined over girls while listening to Atmosphere. However, if you’ve read this blog for long enough, you’d know that I don’t take on many hip hop projects. I tend to stick to EDM and indie rock, except when it comes to Jez. The first thing that draws me to his style is the smooth production from his team. Take “Hide” for example. The clean bluesy guitar riff repetitiously glides over a steady beat, soft vocal samples, and crackling distortion. It’s chill, calming and creates the perfect backdrop for Jez’s vocals.

The other thing that comes with each Jez Dior release is an impressive video. At the young age of 20, this rapper’s vision is far older than his age. His lyrics drip with emotional experiences of a person much older. His videos visually represent that as well. “Hide” shows Jez seemingly on the back of a car continually moving, and continually hiding. Call it a quarter life crisis…call it dealing with the day to day struggles of life. Whatever you take from this, know that he can make you feel his music, which is the mark of an incredible musician.

“Hide” is the third single off the new Jez Dior’s mixtape/album “Scarlett Sage”. It is a free download, which means you have absolutely no reason to pick this up.

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Jez Dior