If you listened to the first minute of this track without looking at the title, you would assume that this is an Icelandic instrumental track from the likes of Sigur Ros or Ólafur Arnalds. While we would of course post anything with this high of production value, this isn’t an artist from Northern Europe. This is the new Jez Dior, flowing over the atmospheric sounds of his producer, Foundation.

This LA based hip hop artist dropped this emotional anthem a few weeks ago, and it’s already gained a fair amount of attention. And it right fully should. His thoughtfully crafted lyrics paint a picture of the struggles of being young, partying to hard, and maybe wanting something a little more real to come home to. This is a life experience that we’re all familiar with and we can only imagine how magnified it would be for an up and coming musician trying to turn their passion into their livelihood.

We’ve always been impressed with Jez Dior’s work, and we’re sure we’ll continue to be. Make sure to head over to his facebook and snag this track from his mixtape/album Scarlett Sage.

’Jez Dior – Love Me To Death’
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