These 2 songs a more mainstreams than most of the music you guys see here but I’ve been listening to them a lot lately.

First it is a song by Drake on his album So Far Gone where he features Santogold and Lil Wayne, quite an unusual mash up but it mixes nicely. My only complaint is that Lil Wayne should lay off the auto tune for a little. I know that has become his style but we are about to go into 2010 now and I hope hip/hop artists start coming back to their natural ways.

Unstoppable (feat Santo Gold and Lil Wayne)

’11 Unstoppable (feat Santo Gold and Lil Wayne).mp3′

Next song starts of like Cannon in D but it is actually Jay Z feat. Mr. Hudson in a song called Young Forever from the album The Blueprint 3.

Young Forever (feat Mr Hudson)

’15 Young Forever (feat Mr Hudson).mp3′


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