We are living in an era where nicknames are able to singlehandedly increase your level of coolness (and at times douchiness). Popularized in part by the guidos of Jersey Shore, nicknames are becoming more and more common. Self-appointed nicknames, however, are pretentious at best because nicknames are meant as an easier way for others to call you, and not as an easier way for you to call yourself. As I, myself, am an appointed Music Ninja that has mastered the art of Kuji Kiri and trained under mentor Fujibayashi Nagato… it really pisses me off that some south african dude is calling himself a ninja!!

I did some more research about this “man” and I could not believe what I found.

Turns out I was wrong to even doubt the Ninja. The lead rapper/MC from South African trio Die Antwoord (“The Answer”) is one of the deadliest of our kind. A ninja of words capable of dismembering enemies using the power of rhyme. The groups authenticity has been under speculation as they might not really be who they say they are.. but I have to stand up for another Ninjamate. Die Antwoord perfect cocktail of hip/hop with electro not only does goes down smooth but it will make you want more.

Pure genius in action bellow:

Die Antwoord – Zef Side (Slap In The Bass Remix)


Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja

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