Music is subjective. As much as I want to think I only find the best of songs, there will always be discussion, there will always be debate from person to person. I post about artists that get through to me in the most geniune way. This brings me to hip/hop duo Isaiah & Hovey. Their songs are not exactly elaborate with a define lyric structure, nor are they polished and layered with the type of production established hip/hop artists can afford. As Pigeons and Planes states, the samples do appear a bit muffled and the choruses are often non-existent. All these reasons and more are actually why I am digging them so much. They are not trying to sound just like another hit on the radio, they are simply out to make great music that people can relate to. Isaiah has a fresh genuine flow that most upcoming rappers just don’t have. The simplicity in their music and the richness in their lyrics is what makes them a Music Ninja favoritee. This honest down to earth duo just released their first album, Dante’s Love Inferno Machine, on May 11, 2010. For more information be sure to check out their reverbnation profile.

Isaiah & Hovey – Fidelity

’Isaiah & Hovey – Fidelity’

Isaiah & Hovey – Kerosene

’Isaiah & Hovey – Kerosene’
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