British songstress Jessie Ware has shared yet another new song from her forthcoming debut album, Devotion. Titled “Sweet Talk,” it’s a silky-smooth pop gem that channels everything that was perfect about ’90s-era R&B. Much like her power ballad “Wildest Moments” — which we praised here not too long ago — this new track keeps emphatic beats at the forefront, setting up not only the fluid, swaying pace, but, with the help of dark synth work, also set ups the tone: sensual, emotional, with a hint of foreboding. And the song’s lyrics play right into this ambiance, as she wearily admits her inability to refuse her lover’s seductive ways, despite knowing that’s what she should do.

For Ware, the internal struggle is very much real; many are the moments where she tries to fight off her own weaknesses and temptations. From her cooing to her crooning, she expresses all of this tension so well in every inflection of her soulful voice. Her complete commitment to honesty and to transparency in her songs — whether it’s her feelings of vulnerability, joy, pain, exhaustion, or confidence — is what makes her one of the best new artists to come along.

Jessie Ware’s Devotion comes out August 20th via PMR.

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