Nick van de Wall, also known as his Electro House DJ/ Producer name “Afrojack“, has soared to the top charts in the year 2010; for 2011, Afrojack presents us with a definite club-banger. While Afrojack is indeed “Doing it Right”, he isn’t doing anything new.  The signature “bleep” style drop is present in every one of Afrojack’s tracks and comes as no surprise in “Doing it Right”. What is surprising, however, was the truly mesmerizing instrumental build-up, with an extremely cathy melody. The “bleep style” is starting to be overdone by Afrojack, but you can’t help but smile when Afrojack combines the two dominant melodies into one head-smashing final drop. An enjoyable addition to Afrojack’s list of productions, but anyone waiting for something new from Afrojack will have to wait just a little longer.

Afrojack – Doing It Right (Original Mix)

’Afrojack – Doing It Right (Original Mix)’

via Epic Bass Time

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