Armand Van Helden & Hervé
'Power Of Bass'

It may be the nostalgic house purist in me, but every single time a new track from Armand Van Helden is unveiled, it inspires visions of the early NYC house scene and just how much the man had to do with it. On Van Helden’s latest tune “Power of Bass”, a collaboration with Cheap Thrills label boss Hervé, it is apparent that the Grammy nominated producer hasn’t slowed down in the slightest, especially if you’ve followed he and A-Trak’s Duck Sauce project. “Power of Bass”, is a monster of a future house tune, kicking off almost immediately with a throwback synth line that only artists in the genre with as much experience as these two could put over; but also draws from their current contemporary takes on four-four dance rhythms. Carefully layed swells and high energy hi-hats fuel its heart, and when they’re paired with such a choice bassline, as a listener there is no other choice but to start twerking your proverbial stuff. The colossal club track is forthcoming from the almighty Ministry of Sound Recordings out of the U.K., but for now we’re happy to have you ninjas listen to it here. Check out Armand Van Helden and Hervé’s joint jam “Power of Bass” above.

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