Whether by choice or not, you’ve probably heard and are familiar with Los Angeles based (and Hawaiian born) Bruno Mars—along with his enormously popular single “Grenade.” While nothing will ever make me truly enjoy “Grenade,” this remix comes awfully close to persuading me to dance to the beat of Michael Meds’ euphoric synthesizers and heavy kick-drum beat as he builds upon the song’s various crescendos.

The source material—while not fantastic—serves as an adequate framework for Michael Meds to work his remixing magic. Mixing a song that I consider to be an exhausting test of my patience into something listenable—and even enjoyable—takes a considerable amount of effort, and for that; I am grateful to people to like Michael Meds and their ability to make practically anything enjoyable.

Bruno Mars – Grenade (Michael Meds Mix)

’Bruno Mars – Grenade (Michael Meds Mix)’
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