CHKLZ’s narrative continues to unfold as they aim to unite and excite music enthusiasts through a shared celebration of rhythm and community. Each performance is an homage to their origins and their muse, Chuckles, elevating their story above mere musical triumph to underscore the unifying force of their art.

Awarded Best Dance Artist of 2023 by Phoenix New Times, CHKLZ stands out not just for local recognition but for their substantial impact on national dance music charts. Their distinct fusion of electronic music with live instrumental elements has enthralled audiences worldwide, with tours reaching across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Costa Rica. The duo manages their extensive touring and public engagements independently, without the aid of an agency, showcasing their adeptness in strategic planning and industry navigation.

The genesis of CHKLZ dates back to a memorable Fourth of July when DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean rescued a small white dog named Charlie, affectionately known as “Chuckles,” from beneath a truck in the heat of Phoenix. This dog did not merely inspire their name but also shaped their musical and communal approach. Chuckles’ resilience and appeal reflect CHKLZ’s commitment to fostering joyful and inclusive musical settings.

LeMarshawn Jean’s creative choice to style the duo’s name as CHKLZ marks a deliberate break from the norm, which then combines DJ iLL Choppo’s extensive drumming background with fresh electronic production techniques. This combination energizes their live shows, making them celebrated for both their vibrant energy and the real connection they forge with audiences.

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