Kylie Minogue
Skirt (Cut Snake Remix) [Free Download]

Over the past decade one of the greatest stage commanders and pop-stars of our generation, Kylie Minogue, has lingered nationally somewhere between dance music leading lady and American “one-hit wonder” territory depending on who you ask. But personally the lass remains one of our consistently favorite vocalists on whichever genre of music her voice is inundated. Her latest single “Skirt” has seen a host of big remixes thus far, but this deep-house rework (and free giveaway through Rising Music no less) from Cutsnake stood out amongst a pack of somewhat similar treatments. Currently stationed in San Diego, the duo of Cutsnake take Kylie’s unmistakeable vocals and slightly pitch them down to funk a little better with the groovy, late-night burner. Seeing as these sounds have been big players in the So-Cal area lately, it makes perfect sense that they have been creating music there lately. Further buoying Cutsnake’s remix of “Skirt” is a deep, heavy synth which neatly wraps up the production in a nice little bow. That recognizable element has been creeping out of the underground, and leaking into mainstream producers’ repertoire as well, but to us still sounds better when utilized on more intimate tracks. Never to fear though, let’s leave that technique to artists like Cutsnake to really drive up an educated dance floor. Listen above, and grab the free download.

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