Michael Calfan
Prelude (Original Mix)

It’s about that time the late night ninjas take over for all of you night owls. While some of you might be getting ready for bed, others might be just now settling in to their weekly Wednesday night turn up; we have the perfect tune from French producer, Michael Calfan, that will undoubtedly keep you up until the sun starts to make its way up onto the horizon. “Prelude” is full of epic piano stabs, soulfully chopped vocals, and a bitchin’ progressive house resonance that helps reassure us that this genre is well on its way to the very top. Michael Calfan is out to restore some hope for the traditional House productions as well infuse it with modern techniques to give us a whole new refreshing take on dance music. It may be almost midnight on our end, but we can’t seem to fight the urge to wiggle our way around the house in our pajamas. If you dig this phenomenal show stopper from Calfan, make sure to groove on down to Beatport and pick this baby up for your own pleasure.

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