Australian indie pop group Antonio Paul first made a name for themselves with the Treasures EP, a collection of upbeat D.I.Y. tracks that they were able to create by slaving away on a sample pad, an iPad , and a guitar.  They’ve come a long way since then, having played Groove in’ The Moo in May of last year, opening for bands like Jinja Safari, and using organic drumming (see the video for “Sweet Wine”).

With the End Of The World EP, released on January 13th, the band hopes to maintain the momentum they found on Treasures with songs like “City Dreams”. I think they’ve done it. End of The World is an upbeat and ambitious work, blending influence of punk and american grunge with the bands already indie pop sound. Count on fast and melodic delivery, technical guitar leads, and pounding bass drums driving the EP forward.

Buy the album HERE.

Antonio Paul – Into the Night

’Into the Night.mp3′

Antonio Paul – Made in China

’Made in China MP3.mp3′

Antonio Paul – Sweet Wine

’Sweet Wine MP3.mp3′
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