As all of you know, we have been pretty stoked lately, listening to Moguai’s latest EP, Mpire. Thanks to mau5trap we were not only able to premiere a couple of tracks from this 13-track auditory journey last week but we also got the opportunity to talk to the man himself.

Before we jump right into it, below is a sampler of what you will find on Mpire, released January 30th.

Q: We do not know of many EDM producers that have listed punk music as one of their first influences, how do you think this translates to the music you produce today?

A: Maybe it´s more the attitude then actually the music that influences me, but I generally love music that transports energy. And Punk has a lot of it!

Q: Not having ever produced music myself, I always wonder if DJ/Producers ever have a gut feeling that a particular track is going to do well, can you talk a little bit more about one of your firsts singles ‘U know Y’ and the reception it got early in your career?

A: I think I speak for every musician when I say that you can´t predict how your recent track will be received, the outcome is always surprising. When I made ‘U know Y’ I didn´t knew what a massive influence this record would have on my life and career. And I can remember that after first listen people came to me and said something like: “What´s this? It´s not Techno, it´s not House, it´s not Breaks.. there is no ways you will have success with this track!”. Luckily they were wrong 😉

Q: Being an international dj/producer, born in Germany and constantly touring around the globe, what is the main difference between the European and American electronic scene? In terms of culture, reception, and crowds at shows.

A: Playing in the US now is like a timeshift 15 years back for me, because you can feel that vibe that we had in Europe in the 90s. America is just beginning to discover the benefits of EDM, and I´m really glad to be a part of this! Except from the level of enthusiasm, people in the States seem to be much more open-minded than in Europe. It´s e.g. no problem if Skrillex plays the mainstage right after a Trance set.. Something you can´t really think of in Europe right now.

Q: If you had to describe your style of music in 3 words, what would they be?

A: Electronic, emotional, vintage

Q: 2011 was a huge year for EDM music. With every passing year EDM expands exponentially, tell us about your favorite upcoming artists for last year. Anyone we should watch out for in 2012?

A: There are so many young talents out there, but Zedd had a great 2011, and I´m sure he will kill it in 2012!

Q: Tell us more about you first contact with Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5). Any advice for upcoming producers that can help them connect with more attractive labels/artists?

A: I personally met him almost a year after my first release on mau5trap before one of his gigs in London. I was the support act for his UK tour, which was a great experience for me. He is a nice and gentle person, and an incredible artist.

I think the best advice for upcoming producers is to create their own style, be unique, and don´t try to copy someone else.

Q: What are your plans for the next 6 months?

A: Touring and promoting the album will take most of the time. But there are also plans for remixes, and some great collaborations to which I already look forward!

Q: And lastly, a curve ball, what animal do you think best represents your style of music?”
A Hawk maybe? Elegant and majestic 😉

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