Van Sciver & Bijan Malaklou
Smiling Faces (Original Mix)

It just wouldn’t be a regular week at TMN without a little bit of underground house music no would it? No, no it wouldn’t. Which brings us to our to our latest assemblage of curated four-four melody, Van Sciver & Bijan Malaklou‘s “Smiling Faces”. The pair of Los Angeles based dance producers have been cutting their teeth mainly through energetic remixes, but for their latest collaboration they’ve teamed up with The Songwriting Charity, an extraordinary foundation dedicated to empowering youth through the use of songwriting and music technology, to give away their latest original tune away for free.  Each download will help fund workshops for children to learn the art and craft of songwriting, thus boosting their confidence and literacy skills as well contributing to their emotional health and well-being. The track itself is a burning slice of electro, which finds the pair utilizing a clear grasp on big-room structures employed with an air of underground sophistication we don’t normally get to hear on larger dance tracks. This one will be sure to get those footsies shuffling around today at work, in class or wherever we find you. Tap into your altruistic side and grab the free download here through The Songwriting Charity.


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