Turn Your Light On

As 2013’s British summertime drew to a close, here at The Music Ninja we gave our first accolade to London duo and the burning summer song that was their accomplished debut. It seems that amidst the melancholic months, Fé have curated another piece of pathetic fallacy: the perfect seasonal soundtrack to accompany those wet winter blues.

“Turn Your Light On” swags with all the attributes of a euphoric anthem, but rather than reaching climax, it simmers in a demure and slow burning fashion. Consistently paced and beautifully spacious, a dulcet and impassioned tone overlays the unremitting melody that comes to fruition, rather than explodes, in the closing moments. Visceral vocals convey melancholia with convincing certainty, whilst the minimalist route allows “Turn Your Light On” to become both familiar and accessible after the first listen.

Fé’s enthusiasm for brightening and busking the underground carriages of London has cultivated a confidence quite evident in the fluidity and effortless nature of their work. Void of all exasperation and fraught effort, Fé conduct a meticulous lesson in the art of how to sound like you’ve made five albums already. Congrats.

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