option4, Need & Necessity
We Comin' Up

When Denver’s electronic scene is usually thought of, visions of grand scale EDM events at Red Rocks or larger than life dubstep drops may immediately permeate the forefront of your opinions, but thanks to amazing musical contributions from artists like option4 and Need & Necessity, the city has begun developing an insatiable taste for deep, soulful house music. While we’ve separately had the opportunity to feature these two respective dance-floor slayers, today we had the felicitous task of premiering their first collaboration on ascending house label Night Supply, “We Comin’ Up”, and we knew right away this one needed to be shared with you Ninjas. Both parties’ deft comprehension of house production are felt immediately with a scooting hi-hat and bouncy kick leading into the tune’s first break. Before we knew it, a hypnotic synth line was fueling an ample vocal sample into the frontrunner and by the time we realized the pitched down reverberation of “I’m Comin’ Up” was flawlessly pulled from a P!nk sample, we were fully enveloped, jacking our hips unconsciously along. Finally, it is the gripping bass line which implants a real dose of bounce within the track while simultaneously adding another layer of pop accessibility which will no doubt appeal to fans from all walks of listening life. Expect this one to storm house clubs very soon, but don’t be surprised by its shapeshifting ability when you’re just grooving to it either; especially as it’s being given away as a free download here. Stream option4 and Need & Necessity’s “We Comin’ Up” above, and maybe start thinking about the dance hall a little early this week.

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