Today we bring you a wonderful delight from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Charleston songwriter Frances Cone. The classically trained southern sweetheart with a “city heart” captivated us last summer with her cover of Jump, Little Children’s 1994 song “Mexico” and the release of her first single “Come Back”.

Giving us another preview of what to expect from her upcoming debut album being released later this year, comes a lighthearted and endearing track titled “Soon”. Effortlessly combining soul and indie folk into one coherent sound, “Soon” demonstrates a playful instrumentation with emotional sensibilities of love and hope. In a world where authenticity in music opens heart, Frances Cone genuineness and humbling lyrics is sure to open ours.

’ Frances Cone – Soon’

A soft release of her debut album is scheduled for January 18th at Joe’s Pub in NYC with the official release early February. And thanks to the generosity of Frances Cone and our friends at Music Box Media, we have for you the free download of her track “Come Back”. Make sure you thank her on twitter here!

’Frances Cone – Come Back’
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