Hollow & Akimbo
Solar Plexus

There’s one thing that we’ve come to discover over the past few years. Jonathan Visger understands music on a level that most people can’t comprehend. His understanding for the fusing of traditional instruments and electronic elements has blown us away in releases under his moniker Absofacto, as well as his new side project Hollow & Akimbo.

In this recent release from the latter of his projects, we’re left feeling drawn in to a song that doesn’t have a traditional pop structure. The fast paced psychedelic synths, coupled with the dancy bassline and the smooth sliding guitar riffs transcend what we’re used to hearing, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Add in the foot tapping drum work with Visger’s treated vocals and you have one hell of a track that you won’t be able to shake.

Forget getting hit straight in the Solar Plexus. We just got hit straight in the ears,and we’re pretty happy about it.

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