Golden Coast

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of over here in Southern California it’s 70 degree weather, kale smoothies, and some Golden Coast music to make our days much, much brighter. With only 4 songs on their Soundcloud and a few remixes by some well known artists, the sunshine state duo are back with a summery new track that will wrap your goosebump covered skin with a snuggie full of warmth.

After listening through “The Futurist” a few hundred times, we noticed that a) we REALLY love this track b) it has a slight Reggae influence in its predominately Indie nature, and c) we just REALLY love this track. Filled with mesmerizing guitar riffs, vibrant, tropical elements, and a catchy chorus that’ll be stuck in your head all day, Golden Coast undoubtedly just blew us straight into paradise with this one. These guys have been putting out solid content over the past few months and each release just seems to get better and better. We think “The Futurist” is their best track yet…but we know they’ll probably make us re-evaluate that bold statement.

This track is up for free download, however, if you want a copy for yourself just email the guys at: and let them know you supported the track on Hype Machine! So if you’re feeling a bit cold today, wrap yourself up in this Golden Coast blanket of pure, sun shiny ecstasy.

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