Bad Suns
We Move Like The Ocean

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock as of late, you’re probably familiar with the tremendous trajectory Woodland Hills based Bad Suns have been on. That’s right, these guys are pretty much on fire right now, and while we’ve already been fans for quite some time, “We Move Like The Ocean” has us shaking our heads saying, “No, no, no! Don’t stop a rockin’.

Dated Simpsons jokes aside, this newly released single is a piece of indie-rock mastery, infusing classic post-rock undertones, beckoning on such classics as The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen and Joy Division. Featuring a playful, waivering guitar section, some electronic elements, and a solid pop-rock structure, “We Move Like The Ocean” is an indie-rock ballad worthy of your summer playlists.

Dropping on their debut album Language & Perspective (June 24th), you can pick this tune up, along with three others, by pre-ordering today.

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