Double King have something going. With an interesting vocal tone and range, hip-swaying 50’s style surf rock guitars and a catchy pop set up, we find ourselves swooning. They have a sound dripping in Americana that beckons on classical styles infused with traditional pop structures. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by this Brooklyn based indie rock outfit.

Speaking of Brooklyn, it seems like everyday we’re talking about another band making a splash from that part of the country. We don’t know what they’re putting in the water out there, but we will gladly take a glass. Between pizza and indie rock, NYC water is holding it down.

Tasty thin crust slices aside, Double Kings have one of those painfully joyous familiar sounds. Clean and enticing guitar chords remind you of something you’d hear in the prom scene of Back to the Future, yet there’s a certain modern flair that helps bring it all full circle. It’s agreeable, yet defined enough to stand above the rest. Just press play, and have a listen for yourself.

’Red Tide’
’Battle Cry’
’Holy Water’
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