Anglo-American duo Rue Royale have an incredible backstory that needs to be told. The husband-and-wife partnership of Brookln and Ruth Dekker only started performing about five years ago and since then they’ve driven over 80,000 miles across Europe on their tours, have built up an amazingly loyal fanbase all over the world, and with their record ‘Guide To An Escape’ are on the verge of the big time. Full of dark and haunting folk-rock gems, the stand-out songs ‘Foreign Night’ and single ‘Halfway Blind’ are simply composed pieces that rely on Brookln and Ruth’s vocal harmonies. Wonderfully emotional and perfect for the cold autumn nights, ‘Guide To An Escape’ is an essential album for any indie fan, and is available now.

’Rue Royale – Halfway Blind’
’Rue Royale – Foreign Night’
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