We now have two reasons to enjoy Prince Edward Island. The first being the epic set of novels and subsequent made-for-tv movies, Anne of Green Gables, and the second being the indie rock band, Paper Lions. Don’t act like you’ve never heard of the former in that sentence. We know you have. While we are totally kidding about Anne of Green Gables, we are dead serious about Paper Lions. This Canadian 4-piece has somehow slipped underneath our radar until now, but we’re locked onto them from this point on.

It’s a rare feat when a band can put out a poppy sound that’s both intricate, and easy to listen to at the same time. There’s tons of artists out there that try to do this, but few have the wherewithal to pull it off. Paper Lions is a harmonious blend of rhythmic guitar, soft finger picking, playful piano, delicate harmonies, fluttering falsettos, and a lead singer that has a perfectly inviting voice for this rock outfit. While their sound can be poppy at times, it can also be soulful, deep, and thought provoking. This show of musical range is another reason why we felt we needed to share the whole EP with you.

Below is a selection of tracks that we think sums up their sound well. While we would love to post all six tracks from this recently released EP, we do realize that you have an internet attention span, and lose interest quickly. So we’ve picked the best of the best (or so we think). Once you’re done loving these tunes, head over to their facebook page for a free download of “At Long Creek”.

’Paper Lions – Ghostwriters’
’Paper Lions – Little Liar’
’Paper Lions – Travelling’
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