The Gift has led a rather charming lifespan. Starting in 1994, the Portuguese indie-pop band has never been the subject of much attention outside of Europe, despite touring the United States with The Flaming Lips in 2003. With their new album Explode, it looks like the band is trying to expand their audience, and from leading single “Made for You” I have no doubt that they will be successful.

The track starts out with some lo-fi vocals and a simple piano melody, but it quickly develops into a theatric arrangement not dissimilar from fellow indie-pop artist Stars. The brass section jumps in magnificently and signals such a radical change in the arrangement that I was downright shocked the first time I listened to it. If you’re looking for some beautiful, eloquent indie-pop, look no further.

Explode, The Gift’s upcoming sixth album, will be self-released later this year in June.

The Gift – Made for You

’Made for You’
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