George Harrison was the youngest of The Beatles. As lead guitarist he was often cruelly overlooked as a songwriter despite penning some of their best loved songs including ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘Something’, a song that Frank Sinatra claimed was his favorite Lennon/McCartney composition and the greatest love song ever written. When George sadly passed away in 2001, his son Dhani completed George’s final album ‘Brainwashed‘ which was released in 2002. Continuing his father’s legacy of song-writing genius Dhani formed thenewno2 and will be releasing a brand new EP on Sept 27, entitled EP002, via HOT Records.

No stranger to collaborating with the world’s best musicians (Dhani has already shared a stage with Eric Clapton and Tom Petty and recorded with the Wu-Tang Clan and Ben Harper) thenewno2 have enlisted RZA, Crisis, Sir Eyes and on ‘Live a Lie’ the beautiful Regina Spektor takes the guest vocals. Interwoven with Harrison’s soft vocals and the blend of distorted, synthetic beats and layered guitars Regina’s vocals pull the melody together into a captivating union of analogue and digital that will stay with you long after the track has played out.

thenewno2 – Live A Lie Feat Regina Spektor

’thenewno2 – Live A Lie Feat Regina Spektor’
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