After hours of hiking with a heavy pack firmly attached, all it takes is one parting of the trees to show a landscape that will inspire many stories and many moments of reflection for those who come. Anyone who has taken a vast hike can attest to the overwhelming euphoria that envelopes the soul upon seeing such a landscape. This song manages to capture that moment throughout its entirety. Blake Cowan, AKA Wickerbird, lends us home video footage so that we can revel in the pure spirit of what the song is all about.

Sitting atop a 12,400 ft mountain in New Mexico I will never be able to explain the serene feeling I had while watching a plane fly below me in the valley — just emphatically enjoying the beautiful view that went on for miles, states even. But this song comes pretty darn close to expressing that moment in its most raw form. All the intense emotions from such a trip came rushing back because of “Druids,” as the Washington-based artist sets his music amidst a mesmerizing, but nostalgic realm. To experience more of his music visit his Bandcamp page by clicking here. Wickerbird’s debut album, The Crow Mother, comes out September 25th.

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