Detroit’s Danny Brown is one of the most unique and eclectic emerging rappers grabbing the attention of artists and fans of all genres with his refreshingly wild flows and odd content. Always open to collaboration, Brown is teaming up with the dope underground rapping/production duo Blu and Mainframe, also known as Johnson&Johnson, for a full length project, which, from the sound of the first single, might give us a glimpse into DB’s more laid back side.

“Change” departs drastically from Danny’s regular sound as he matches the smooth instrumental with slightly more conventional and reflective raps concerning his recent success and progression. The motorcity native pulls off the more classic feel flawlessly once again proving his artistic versatility and impressive lyricism. Stream this uncharacteristically mellow cut below and look out for the collaborative Danny Johnson album out soon via New World Color.

Danny Brown - Change

P.S. Hit the “Read More” to check out a hilarious animated video featuring Danny Brown as a crack-dealing cat courtesy of Pitchfork TV.

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Danny Brown