these_days_wont_last_fovereverThe incredible high of a music junkie when he/she is listening to something that blows them away is almost as addicting as the next drug. When I started the blog last year and didn’t receive many emails suggestions I had to rely on music services like and to discover new music. One of the most impressive and proudest songs I discovered was Toy Horses“But What About The Future”. A song full of childish references with themes about staying young and making these moments “last forever”. Incredably melodic, clever, and pretty damn funny.

“But What About The Future” – Toy Horses

”But What About The Future”

It had been a while since I heard anything else from Toy Horses until the band was kind enough to send me a twitter shout out on my Birthday last Friday the 26th. Included in their message was a link to a video they had recorded for their song Oh Violet. The video along with the mp3 they hooked us up with was one of the best (non-alcoholic) presents I received that day! Oh Violet has a larger than life, Coldplay-like feel to it yet its charming melodies and honest lyrics give it a very genuine sound. Although the video does not really have much else going, I wanted to include it in this post because it proves that these guys are in it for the right reasons.

Toy Horses – Oh Violet

’Oh Violet.mp3′

Video Info:
Recorded in Nashville in August 2009 this song ‘Oh Violet’ is from the début album of British band Toy Horses. This filming (of Adam’s acoustic guitar take) took place in Creative Workshops recording studio where the clock stopped ticking in about 1973. It’s owned by Buzz Cason former backing singer to a certain Mr. E. Presley, not the sort of place you’d expect a Welsh indie band to haunt but the results were superb! Playing with Toy Horses on this track are Ken Coomer (former Wilco and Uncle Tupelo drummer) and Tim Marks (Taylor Swift’s bass player).

Toy Horses can be seen at SXSW in March 2010 and will be touring the UK in the summer to promote their self titled début album.

Bonus: Toy Horses- Damage Done

’Damage Done.mp3′
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