Delorean’s latest full length suffers from the same maladies and afflictions as summer love. While far from bad, the prolonged effects of the Barcelonan group’s Subiza are ultimately limited. It will help you gather party supplies, but it will sneak out in the night and leave you alone with the mess in the morning. It’s not going to pick up the pieces of your broken heart, and it isn’t going to touch your dirty underwear; but for a short time, Subiza will happily soundtrack your long, leisurely summer drives and will readily soak your dance floor with the pouring sweat of moving bodies. The album wastes no time setting the mood with the joyful “Stay Close,” which shuffles happily through its diverse percussion, Underworld-like acid synth and lush, reverberated vocal melodies. Read full review at inyourspeakers.comdelorean-subiza

Delorean – Stay Close

’Delorean – Stay Close’

Delorean – Warmer Places

’Delorean – Warmer Places’

Bonus: of their AYRTON SENNA E.P.
Delorean – Deli

’Delorean – Deli’

Bonus: Lemonade – Big Weekend (Delorean Remix)

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