Want to go for a spin on the old disco dance floor? Wait, I will make that even better, a disco roller-skating dance floor where the lights twirl you around the your feet ski along the wood floors while your body sways to an intoxicating pop beat.

That is exactly where listeners are transformed when listening to PrOfiles new song ‘Luxury’ off of their debut EP Luxury due out later this month. An electronic indie-pop duo hailing from sunny LA, the duo write songs about personal experiences with sex addiction, hypnotherapy and love. The highly talented Lauren Pardini, who began her writing with producer DJ Khalil, handles vocals and keys. Taking over as the producer and all things guitar is Danny Sternbaum who has six years of music experience under his belt. The two collaborated for a unique and sexy sound that combines pop, indie, and yes a hint of disco. Feel free to bust out the old roller-skates and take them for a spin while listening to this laidback single.

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