Poetic Version Review:
From the first time you are able to ride the bicycle without any help, to almost falling in love with someone that you just met, sometimes in life things just click and although you may not understand the why or the how, all questions become mute as the moment takes over and puts you in a different place and time. Equally, on a musical scale, this is how I felt when I listened to Adam and Darcie’s latest album “California Trail”. As I was checking my Inbox for new music, I was provided a link to listen to their new single “Hands/Mind”. A very simple task I thought to myself, I opened the link and started playing the song. About twenty minutes in I came to the realization that I was not just listening to one song but the entire album available for streaming on their website. It was purely magical, their album and my ears had just clicked, love at first listen one can say. Before I was able to answer the how or the why, their carefully crafted melodies, delicate to the ear but strong with emotions, had taken me to another place that although unfamiliar to me, had never felt closer to home, I was walking on the California Trail.

Regular Version Review:
I am a little embarrassed to admit that the above is 100% the truth. I enjoyed their album so much; it inspired me in many ways. The best answer is always the simplest one and when you add instrumental melodies, intertwined vocals between wife and husband and the passion to create, you get Adam and Darcie definition to what music means to them. California Trail is a story telling venture about longing for a peaceful, family life and a place to call a home.

california-trailAdam And Darcie – I Need To Let Go Of What I Wont Miss

’Adam And Darcie – I Need To Let Go Of What I Wont Miss.mp3′


Adam And Darcie – The Fox, Hare, And Doe

’Adam And Darcie – The Fox Hare And Doe.mp3′


Free Download: Adam And Darcie – Hands-Mind

’Adam And Darcie – Hands


I got a chance to bounce a couple of questions with Adam and Darcie, and here is what they had to say.

You’ve mention that you record all your songs at home, what are some of the advantage as well as the challenges you face when recording a song?

I think the main advantage is the absolute freedom you have creatively as you don’t have to worry about time or money in the traditional sense. And it’s nice to record in a space that means something to you.

It’s a challenge in regard to our son, but a good challenge. The second the drums, mics, amps, etc. are set up in the living room he wants to be in the middle of the action. So it’s fun, but sometimes we’d just have to take turns or wait to record quiet parts when he was asleep. -Adam

Recording at home on our own timeline means that we can enjoy the process. If we’re getting frustrated or need to clear our heads we can just walk away from it and come back to it when we’re fresh. Adam especially likes for recording to be a good experience so we don’t listen to a song and think, “Oh yeah, I wanted to throttle someone when we did this part.” We have nothing but good feelings about the experience because it’s completely at our leisure. By the same token, sometimes it’s easier to sit on your tail when we’re the only ones motivating ourselves in the comfort of our home. -Darcie

Can you tell us a little bit more about the first time you guys ever came together to create a song? Besides from your incredible talent, was there any other influence that gave you the confidence to start recording music?

We’ve been writing together for awhile, but I think the collaboration has become more exciting for me lately. There were a couple of songs on the record where I recorded the music and tracked out some basic vocals and then left it to Darcie to see what she could come up with. Coming back to the track after Darcie had added lyrics and new melodies was like finding your stocking full on Christmas morning. The song “California Trail” was a good example of this.

Our earliest experiences with collaboration involved me lending my vocals or an instrumentation to a song Adam had already written and vice versa. And that was splendid because I think our voices are well suited for each others’. It has been another experience entirely on the last two albums to have equal parts in the song-writing. I think the outcome is more of “our” sound.

What is at the end of the California Trail?

Home… based primarily on people and places that are important to you. -Adam
And peace and satisfaction with your life as simple as it may be. -Darcie

What are some of the ways you are promoting your music on the internet? Can you link us to your website, myspace or twitter? Do online music services like and myspace give you enough information to gauge how well your music is being received?

Village Ten Collective in the States and Indiecater overseas have both been great in helping share our music in a really honest organic way. It’s basically a word of mouth approach but through the blogs and the like.

Not always sure how our music is received, the internet is a vast unknown at times, but whenever we do make a connection with someone and get feedback it’s greatly appreciated. Many people have been kind in this regard. -Adam

It’s hard to gauge how our music is received based on our experiences online because no one stops by our myspace to say, “hated the album.” We only hear the good stuff (and I’ll keep it that way, thank you). -Darcie


Do you plan to play a live show in Orlando, Florida? What cities can we expect you to play at in the upcoming months?

We’d love to. Right now we have shows planned regionally here in the West, but hopefully we’ll cover more ground soon.

If you had to dress like a ninja, besides black and white, what color would you choose and why?

Green. It matches our album (much thanks to Allan Ludwig for the art and Aaron Monson for the design) and I’d be an earth conscious ninja that way. -Adam
Whoa. I was going to say green, too. It’s not too menacing a color but you gotta take it seriously, you know? -Darcie

Can you describe your music in 3 words?

Sincere. Family. Dynamic. -Adam
Calm. Honest. Hopeful. -Darcie

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