The modern concept of marriage itself is simple enough for young kids to understand. When two people love each other, they get married and start a family. An obvious oversimplification but often a satisfactory explanation. However, the opposite is not so simple. Divorce, beyond two people not wanting to be together, leads to more follow up questions. Especially coming from a confused son or a daughter trying to grasp what exactly is happening around them.

James TW’s 2015 single ‘When You Love Someone’ dives right into deconstructing the intricacies of two people falling out of love with genuine honesty and hopefulness. Even though his parents did not get divorced themselves, it is very much a personal story. While teaching instruments to kids a few years back, James found out of a boy’s parents were separating. The 11-year-old had not been told yet and it made James think about how will these parents be able to explain things to the boy and still paint it with positivity. How can other boys and girls understand what happened between their parents and not come out of it with negative conclusions? In Mister Roger’s fashion, James sits us down with a song that speaks directly to the heart, even if he often doesn’t perform wearing a red cardigan.

It has been some time since he has released a new song but that is soon about to change. James TW, the 19-year-old self-taught singer-songwriter from the UK will release his new single “Say Love” on March 30th. It will be the first single from the highly anticipated new album due later this year.

Listen to the acoustic version of his song ‘When You Love Someone’ below.

Tour Dates :

03/30/18                              Groningen                                                  Oosterpoort

03/31/18                              Utrecht, Netherlands                              Tivolivredenburg Ronda

04/01/18                              Schundel, Netherlands                           Paaspop Festival

04/03/18                              Detroit, MI                                                St. Andrews Hall

04/05/18                              Nashville, TN                                             Cannery Ballroom

04/06/18                              Atlanta, GA                                                Variety Playhouse

04/07/18                              Charlotte, NC                                            The Underground

04/09/18                              Ridgefield, CT                                            Ridgefield Playhouse

04/10/18                              Washington, DC                                        The 9:30 Club

04/13/18                              Boston, MA                                               Paradise Rock Club

04/14/18                              New York, NY                                            Irving Plaza

04/15/18                              Philadelphia, PA                                       The TLA

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