Icing Sugar

18-year-old emerging singer-songwriter Keiandra has us caught in a delightful limbo. Most of the time, we’re able to peg exactly what type of situation a song would be ideal for. Consider it a pleasant side-product for the years of servitude to the industry. Yet, we’ve mulled over today’s premiere at length, and can’t quite decide what neat little box it fits into. Maybe that’s why we enjoy it so damn much.

“Icing Sugar” is just her second release, following up “Wanted,” which released just two months ago. After only a few releases, this budding young chanteuse has listeners wrapped around her finger, unable to shake her dreamy vocals. They seemingly carry so effortlessly on the back of well-crafted, ambient, and slightly industrial instrumentals, leaving an impression that this is a seasoned musical vet.

“Icing Sugar,” and all of it’s intoxicating allure, will be available on February 12th. Make sure to look for it on iTunes and Spotify.

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