Keys N Krates
Are We Faded

TMN: Hey Guys! Thank you for taking some time to sit down with us today. First off, let’s talk about the EP, which is due out September 23rd. What can people come to expect from Every Nite?

Matisse: Weird rap beats that are emotional but still warrant a dance party. Pitched up vocals, morphed samples, synths, bangin rap drums.

TMN: Following up on that, is this EP more of a concept piece, or a collection of songs? Do you envision people listening from song one to the finish, or shuffling it up a bit?

Flo: Yes definitely! We set out to make a sort of mini-album that has some interludes and is a good listen all the way through as opposed to just some cool tracks thrown together. The whole thing is meant to capture the vibe of the night. With regards to how ppl listen to it, we know that’s sort of out of our control, but we hope ppl take it in as the entire ep.

TMN: You just released the first single, “Are We Faded,” which is an absolutely monstrous tune, which focuses highly on a beautiful combination of melodic synths, future bass, and expert vocal sampling. Where did the inspiration come from on this particular song?

Tune: We wanted to make something bangin and beautiful sounding at the same time. We also wanted it to sound optimistic and summer-ish, as the rest of the ep is quite a bit darker. We definitely took some influence from guys like Nadus, Cashmere Cat, Lido, Waveracer and Minnesota on this one cause those guys are all so great with pad synths and emotional chords.

TMN: You guys flexed your musical muscle with a diverse blend of styles in this EP. How did that come to be? Did you intentionally set out to cover different styles music, or did it just flow naturally in the production?

Matisse: I think the 3 of us are all just taking in so much different music that we end up having an insane amount of influences that we want to reference. The breakdown of “Understand Why” could be a Banks record in my opinion, while “Yes We Faded” could have Rick Ross rapping over it. “Hypnotik” has elements of Indian music which was influenced by an Indian soundtrack EP our friend Ouici made called She Dreams in Sound, which is absolutely insane, but the backseat swung hi hats make me think of Jay Dilla all over again. “Understand Why” and “Your Love” both have very housy elements to them, but the overall texture is kind of a weird rap record. So many influences!

TMN: This EP is coupled with a massive, 3-Month tour. Talk to us about some of the spots you’re looking forward to the most.

Tune: I’m not lying to you when I tell you that we are equally excited to play everywhere! This is out first tour like this where we really get to bring our sound to this many places. We are so so excited!

TMN: You’re also bringing along a few acts as support. What’s life on the road going to look like for you, Gladiator and Thugli? Should we expect some shenanigans to ensue?

Flo: Tons! Those are our buds so I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!

TMN: Let’s take it back to the beginning. Can you give us the classic “how did you meet” story?

Matisse: Flo and I were intro’d by a mutual friend (Abby) who knew we both kind of wanted to try a unique performance combining djing and live instrumentation. I brought Tune into drum for us and we all kind of clicked and started doing shows as this live remix act. We’d cover an reinterpret rap tunes and even some dance tunes. Then we decided to become producers. Once we had our own music it really changed the game for us.

TMN: Let’s fast forward to working with Dim Mak. What’s it like being backed by Aoki’s label?

Flo: We kind of seem like the odd guys out on label, because we really aren’t making big room dance music, but those guys (Aoki and DM) have been so supportive and really great at getting our music out there. It’s been great!

TMN: Aside from the EP, and the tour, are there any other last words you’d like to share with your fans before we head into some random questions?

Flo: Just – thank you guys so so much for supporting us and what we are trying to do :). We are grateful every day for you guys and you are our number one priority, besides making sure we are stoked about the music we are making.

TMN: Alright, we close out each interview with a collection of random questions that have nothing to do with your music. So, let’s kick it off with one of our favorites. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

Flo: Butter Chicken from Banjara in Toronto.

Matisse: Fettuccine Alfredo from a diner that probably shouldn’t be serving it.

Tune: Chicken Roti from Mother India in Toronto.

TMN: What was your very first job?

Flo: I worked at a dairy store called the Milky Way.

Matisse: First “real job” – I still remember waking up in the morning and my mom coming into my room excitedly telling me Burger King called back and I got the job. But I was disappointed cuz I was aiming for KFC lol (true story)

Tune: I was 11 and it was washing cars and mowing the lawns of a used car dealership.

TMN: What was the first album you bought?

Flo: A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders.

Matisse: Pretty sure it was Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff’s Homebase album. I played that album everyday for weeks.

Tune: I BOUGHT: Phil Colling- No Jacket Required. I didn’t actually purchase it, but I begged for it for Christmas and Santa came though. What a G! Naughty By Nature was the first actual Purchase.

TMN: If you were heading to a deserted island and could only bring one person for entertainment purposes only, who would that be?

Matisse: Prince

Tune: Phil Collins

Flo: Christopher Walken

TMN: If you could remove one TV show from existence, it would be __________

Flo: We all agree in “Orange is the New Black.”

TMN: Finally, one we always ask, if your music were an animal, what would it be?

Matisse: I think we can all agree on a “Liger”.

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