Kindur’s “Loner” is one of those singles that enchants from the first pulse. Chris Durkin, the soul behind Kindur, has nailed some serious success with his first 3 releases, but “Loner,” is what’s going beyond the call of duty.

Apart from the irresistible theme and the mesmerizing atmosphere, “Loner” is a tale wrapped in music. It voices the intricacies of challenging relationships, the kind that leave an imprint on the soul. On top of this, Chris has written his own lyrics on this one, adding a layer of raw sincerity to the track.

Dive into “Loner”, and you’ll find it’s a delightful cocktail of sultry tunes combined with electrifying guitar work and rhythmic synth energy. It certainly brings in the old with the new – highly illustrative and engaging.

While there’s a universe to explore about Chris and the essence of Kindur, “Loner” deserves its moment in the limelight. It’s a refreshing track, one that connects, one that feels like a familiar embrace in a new setting. Across the board, “Loner” stands tall. So, when you crave a sound that’s both chic and soul-stirring, queue up “Loner”.

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