If there is one person making a huge splash within the tech house space, it is Draxx, he is simply a force that cannot be stopped –  his artistry echoing through the hearts of audiences and fellow creators alike. With a profound knack for crafting tracks that resonate at the very soul of the electronic music world, Draxx is on the right track and other A-list names in the industry seem to think so as well — Cloonee, Hugel, John Summit, Sosa, and Gordo, to just name a small few. His musical narratives have been ardently embraced by the most prestigious labels in the domain: Nonstop, Nervous, Insomniac, Glasgow Underground, and Moon Harbour, all have scooped up the sonic cleverness he is dishing out.

The saga of his track “WTF” is a moment that really summarizes Draxx well, the song climbed to the 32nd position on the Beatport main chart and the 11th place in the tech house charts. It found a home on Spotify’s ‘Tech House Operator’ playlist, as well. Not far behind, “Ponteme” and the remix of “Hayabusa” garnered significant accolades, staking their claims on Beatport’s charts too.

Amidst a blend of hefty achievements, Draxx’s collaborations with Hugel, Malone, and Cvmpanile on “TuTuTu,” released through Insomniac Records, is a song to notice bursting with great vibes from start to finish. With a constellation of tracks poised for release on leading labels in 2024 and a calendar brimming with collaborations, remixes, and tours across the globe, Draxx’s odyssey within the electronic dance music universe is on an exhilarating and boundless upclimb.

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