YMCMB and G.O.O.D. Music are two of the most dominant and successful hip/hop crews in present day. Once in good terms, these two factions headed by Kanye West and Lil Wayne, respectively, are now in a heated fued, primarily sparked by the verses in Pusha T latest release “Exodus 23:1”. Although there are no direct mentions of either Drake or his boss Weezy, Pusha T’s references were obvious:

Contract all f***ed up / I guess that means you all f***ed up / You signed to one n****, that’s signed to another n****, that’s signed to three n****s / Now that’s bad luck / Damn that sh** even the odds now / You better off selling this hard now / You call it living out your dreams / You can’t fly without your wings.

Lil Wayne was quick to respond, twitting:

The beef between YMCMB and G.O.O.D. Music just grew louder with Lil Wayne now personally involved, countering with a track titled “Pusha T Diss”.


It is reported that Pusha T already has a personal counter for Lil Wayne, to which he will release in the coming hours. We can only hope we have enough pop corn to watch the feud unfold in the coming days.

Listen to Pusha-T ‘Exodus 23:1′ below:

T Exodus 23:1’
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