All three artists who took the stage Saturday night had something in common; they all had fallen in love with music at an early age. Using his undeniable ear to mix and mash parallel sounds, Mux Mool started the night showering the audience with an electronic shockwave. For Mux, he found his sound in a sampling keyboard when he was a kid. For Talib Kweli, he found his echo from the Afrocentric rappers he heard and met in high school. Talib took to the stage with a mesmerizing voice showing the audience how strong one voice can be. His unquestionable ability to rap at a sharp pace left the audience captivated.

The man has had funk, soul, blues and jazz running through his veins since he was a little boy, literally. Gramatik’s mother used to find him sitting in his older sister’s room listening to the radio captivated by the music he heard. From there his love for music only grew and he was making his first beats by the tender age of thirteen. Today, Gramatik is one of many talented and admired artists found on the Pretty Lights Music label. His passion for the sounds and his dedication to #digitalfreedom makes him one admired artist and that admiration is shared by the copious amount of fans that showed up to hear Gramatik’s addicting beats.

Besides throwing the crowd into a frenzy with his ever moving musical talents, Gramatik also introduced his new stage/light design called the Tesla Coil, which resembled a giant set of electrical wires that threw light and beats with every wave from Gramatik’s fingers. The combination of the lights, a live electrical guitarist, and Gramatik’s simulating jazz, funk and hip-hop sound were nothing short of an unforgettable experience. Thank you for sending the music pulsating through my and every other audience member’s veins.

’Gramatik – Fist Up’

’Gramatik – Illusion Of Choice’
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