An emotional psychedelic/religious music experience with thought provoking lyrics along with beautifully orchestrated music. Coil’s music has a dark church cult feel with persona that matches the band. I won’t lie, listening to the song Coil – Batwing A Limnal Hymn all the way through gave me goosebumps at the crux of the hymn. If you were to eat a bunch of psychedelic drugs, take Phillip Glass – Knee Play 5 and Mix that with Einst├╝rzende Neubauten – Sabrina all whist sitting in church, you might end up with something like Coil. Warm up the nettle tea and have a listen.

Coil, originally formed by John Balance and Peter Christopherson encompasses a carefully balance of instruments, vocals, soft synths, and a subtle various noises.

Coil – Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)

’coil – 07 – batwings (a limnal hymn).mp3′

Coil – Tattooed man

’coil – tattooed man.mp3′
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