Lovestep AKA liquid/progressive dubstep is a sub-genre of electronic music that I feel is often taken for granted. Dubstep utilizes high energy synths and thunderous basslines to scramble the brains of listeners all the while sending them into a dancing frenzy. Lovestep on the contrary, takes on an arguably more difficult task utilizing similar resounding bass in conjunction with soothing melodies to ease its listeners into a state of pure bliss. Joe Torre, better known as MitiS, has rapidly been gaining notoriety of late for producing quality releases across all genres of EDM. Today, MitiS released his latest effort “Born”. “Born” is a beautiful lovestep track riddled with poignant melodies and harmonious synths. Best of all, MitiS released the track for free so snag a download and enjoy!

Also, if you’re interested in hearing some of MitiS’ harder material, make sure to check out his recent remix of Heavyweight’s tune “Butterknife” here!

’MitiS – Born’
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