Bad Bitch

Orlando producer, vocalist, and feline fanatic, Ma-Less gave us first look at her newest track, and we’ve never heard a ‘twerk’ track go in this direction. Being behind the self proclaimed “Church Of Twerk”, Shake ‘N’ Bass, she is a well educated on twerking. This track takes a similar approach to what an experience would be if you attended a Shake ‘N’ Bass event. Instead of us telling you about what that approach is, we took some time to sit down and ask her some questions, and she’ll explain it for you.

TMN: This track isn’t exactly what we’re used to hearing from “Twerk” tracks. It’s a great track, but it isn’t extremely abrasive. What was your approach to making it?

Ma-Less “I feel like some producers take this harder “trap-like” approach to twerk, not all of them, but I always see it as more energetic and fun and I tend to gravitate towards that vibe. I started out with the intention of making a bootleg to be honest, and it evolved into this energetic and fun track that I felt could stand alone. I out of impulse added my own vocals, and it fit so well that I just ran with it.”

TMN: Do you have any other fun tracks like this coming our way?

Ma-Less “Honestly, I have a bunch of super chill tracks I’ve been sitting on that I might release. It doesn’t quite sound like anything I’ve released before, but it’s something that came from the heart, so I hope my supporters are receptive to it.”

TMN: Not only are you a producer, but you did the vocals on this track as well. You’ve also worked with one of the biggest legends in mid tempo music, Munchi. How did that collaboration come about?

Ma-Less: “That is all in part to DJ Blass, he’s a phenomenal reggaeton producer from Puerto Rico, who’s produced for artists like Daddy Yankee. I met him at a Moombahton Massive in Miami, and we were just talking and he goes “I want you to do vocals.” As someone who’s been told to shut up while singing (yes, it was THAT bad) all while growing up I was taken aback, but I recorded myself saying random one offs like “DJ Blass” “El Artesano” etc and sent it to him and he in turn showed Munchi when he was hanging out with him in Miami. All of a sudden I was getting hit up to go to Miami at 3am via twitter to do vocals. I had to work the next day, but I begged to get cut early and then hauled ass to Miami. When it came time to do vocals I was so nervous and didn’t know what to say. We then got really fucked up and at that point I repeated whatever was said to me ahahaha I think we recorded over 200 samples of me saying the most vulgar shit some of which of course was used with Sucia Anthem. It’s pretty crazy to think how it all happened, but I’m super grateful that it did. It’s brought so many amazing events and people into my life it’s been amazing.”

’Munchi x Maless – Sucia Anthem’

TMN: You’re a key component of what may be the best event on the east coast. How did Shake ‘n’ Bass come along? 

Ma-Less “Well, me Big Makk and Dr Khan (also known as the Moombah Mafia) came together through the love of Moombahton. We were the only ones who fucked with the sound in Orlando. We had a night at a small dive bar in the Milk District called Spacebar. The owner Tommy Mott was a DJ himself, and gave us a chance. No one really showed up, but I think we got to develop our sound and really get to know one another. Around the same time we started DJing at this bottle service douchey nightclub. I hated it, but it was a way to expose Moombahton to a crowd who had NO IDEA what it was. The crowd got crazier and crazier each week, but then we were let go for not playing enough hip hop (which is ironic because we actually play quite a bit.) I considered it a blessing- I haven’t been there since- but what was shocking was that people were really pissed we were let go. Around the same time the owner of Backbooth approached us as well as this investor; it was like the stars aligned and Shake ‘n Bass was born. We’ve since gained notoriety around the world, and it’s anything beyond what I imagined it to be. What’s cool too, is the crew is like family now, and we have some amazing diehard supporters who show us immense love.”

TMN: We know a lot of crazy stuff has gone down at Shake ‘n’ Bass. What is the craziest thing you have experienced so far?

Ma-Less “I have several. hHaving girls twerk on a cake while 12th Planet & Doco stopped by is definitely one. Looking up during one of my sets to see a girl completely removed her shorts, and was twerking with a g-string on. Having guests like DJ Blass, Craze, Swizzymack, DJ Funk, and many others who I look up to come through to play. The many infamous lap dances I’ve received- I mean I could go on, it’s a pretty wild ass night. People really let their guard down and embrace their inner ratchet, and I love every minute of it.”

TMN: We see you’re very into felines. It really seems common nowadays that a good majority of producers love cats. Why do you think producers and DJs love cats so much, besides the fact that they may be the cutest, cuddly creatures in the world?

Ma-Less “The cuteness and cuddliness aside, because that’s a given, I personally love their independence and their loyalty to their owners. They’re not just gonna love everyone that walks through your door, so when they are affectionate it really means something. Also as a DJ/producer, with traveling a lot, they’re the best cute and cuddly pet to have. You give them plenty of water, plenty of food, a box to shit in, and they’re really self sufficient.  You don’t have to worry about taking them out to piss and stuff; it’s perfect. Plus they just chill on your lap while you make tunes; you can’t beat that!”

TMN: It’s becoming a trend to combine genres lately. People will take trap and dubstep, and call it hybrid trap. What do you think will be the next big genre? 

Ma-Less “I have no fucking clue to be honest. With the internet and technology, and the easy access to DAWs, I feel like anything goes. Everything comes and goes so quickly now, that it’s stupid to try and keep up and slap a label on everything that pops up. I love it honestly. I feel no musician should be restricted to one sound or genre. It kills me when fans get upset when an artist steps out of their comfort zone, I think it shows how brilliant they are, and as a fan it makes me respect them that much more. As an artist I say as long as you make and play what you love, one can only hope that the crowd will fuck with it. That’s what I try to do at least, and my supporters seem to really vibe with it, so that makes me happy.”

TMN: A while ago, we remember seeing someone say there should be a Shake ‘n’ Bass tour. We think it would be pretty cool to have it as a traveling event. Maybe a different producer in each town. Do you think this will ever be a possibility? What cities would you hit?

Ma-Less “God I hope so. It’s just hard to plan, because not many promoters are willing to fly and accommodate 3 artists. I’m sure at some point we can take SNB on the road. I know people everywhere that want to come to Orlando just to experience it, so if we can bring it to them it’d be amazing. Hopeful that it’ll happen. I mean everywhere ahaha I’d like to hit up the West Coast L.A., Vegas, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, definitely the birthplace of Moombahton D.C., Philly, NYC, Boston, shit Europe, Central & South America, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand. I can honestly say we have homies in each of these places that said we should come through to play. Even if I go solo, I want to see it all.”

TMN: Ghost producing has been a fairly common topic lately. What are your thoughts on ghost producing? Do you think the ghost producers are wrong for doing it?

Ma-Less “I know people that ghost produce and they love it, because they have no interest in DJing, or putting on a show, or the politics and bullshit that comes with all of it. They want to sit in a studio all day, make amazing tunes and get paid, and I respect that. I honestly wouldn’t mind ghost producing for others, but I wouldn’t want someone to do it for me. If I ever did, I would definitely give credit where credit is due. I give props to people like Benny Benassi who give their ghosts credit. It’s not like it hurt his career or anything, and I feel people hold him in a higher regard because of it- at least I do. Basically ghost producing is not a new concept and it’s not going away anytime soon, so why not be open about it?”

TMN: Another popular subject these days is “Like For Download”. Facebook is banning incentive based likes, and some say it is pointless with Facebook’s reach algorithm. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Ma-Less “I do (did?) FB likes for DL, because sadly promoters look at that as a big deciding factor to book an artist. To be honest, I’m so fucking sick of Facebook. The sooner someone comes up with an amazing alternative for artists to share their music with everyone, (and not just other artists. Which I feel kinda more so describes soundcloud,) the better off we’ll all be. Honestly it blows and really puts independent artists at a severe disadvantage.”

TMN: A lot of people tend to ask artists who they would collaborate if given the opportunity. We’re honestly more curious about who you would eat with, and what you’d eat. If you had a chance to grab a bite anywhere with any artist alive or dead, who would it be, and what would you eat?

Ma-Less “Ahaha damn… Who would I eat with, and what would I eat? I would wanna eat crab legs with Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. I don’t know why, but it sounds fucking amazing”

TMN: What would you talk about? 

Ma-Less “Music of course. I would want to know their aspirations, how they see the differences between music then and now, and I would want to know how they feel reflecting on the impact they had on… well everything really. I listen to all kinds of music, but I have this deep love for classic rock.”

TMN: We have one final question for you. Let’s say you came in contact with a genetic engineer. He develops a way for you to communicate with cats. What would you speak with cats about? 

Ma-Less “If I could speak to my cats directly, I would tell them I love them and thanks for the cuddles; not so much the hair balls. Then I’d wanna know why the fuck they spazz out for no reason at 4am. I wanna know how they communicate with one another, without making a sound. Why they gotta break all the goddamn glasses. I’d ask them what I’d need to do, so I can be a cat in my next life, and why they always wanna watch me poop ahaha”

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