What happens when NYC Dj/Producer Max Tannone A.K.A Minty Fresh Beats mashes Jay-Z acapella tracks with Radiohead samples? Well, Tannone has coined it Jaydiohead, a mixture of the alternative rock sound with the flow and lyrics of the hip-hop heavyweight. First released in January of this year as a free album, with the production quality comparable to his official mash-up album with Linkin Park back in 2004. This free download consists of 10 tracks, where you will be able to experience some of the ones we have selected below.

Jaydiohead – No Karma
[“Karma Police” (Radiohead) + “No Hook” (Jay-Z)]

’Jaydiohead – No Karma.mp3′

Jaydiohead – Wrong Prayer
[ “Pray” (Jay-Z) + “I Might Be Wrong” (Radiohead) ]

’Jaydiohead – Wrong Prayer.mp3′

Jaydiohead – Dirt Off Your Android
[“Dirt Off Your Shoulder” (Jay-Z) + “Paranoid Android” (Radiohead)]

’Jaydiohead – Dirt Off Your Android.mp3′

Now that you tasted the amazing clash of Radiohead and Jay Z by Minty Fresh make sure you download the entire album! Click here to download it for free.


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