TV On Mars
Shapes (Ellie Goulding // Ekali)

I, personally, am not one to write about mash-ups and haven’t heard too many good ones worth my time. So, the fact that i’m going against my own word says something about this tune in particular from the mysterious TV On Mars. With only a handful of followers and a few remixes on his page, one can see that his elusiveness translates in his work. Earlier last night I stumbled upon this refreshing mash-up of Ekali’s, “Unfaith” and Ellie Goulding’s cover of Alt-J’s, “Tessellate”. The combination of both Ellie’s sensational voice and Ekali’s flawlessly produced, “Unfaith”, TV On Mars captured the beauty of both tracks and created something smooth, SAXual, and truly divine. So kick off your Friday with some majestic melodies and float with these soothing sound waves for the rest of the day. If you party too hard this weekend, you might want to pick up a free download so you can remedy that hangover come Sunday.

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